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By becoming a member of the Gallatin Hockey Officials' Association (GHOA) you will gain access to the many training and development resources we provide.  You will also establish yourself as an independant contractor within our organization and be elligible for game assignments.  The information you provide will not be shared with anybody outside of the association and will only be used for internal processing and payment purposes.

The 3 steps in becoming an official or scorekeeper with the GHOA:

** Required in order to accept game assignments from GHOA **


1.  Register as a member to THIS website:

The website is used to manage our membership rosters, provide resources and training materials as well as general communication to the membership regarding the operation of the GHOA.  By becoming a member, you establish yourself as an independant contractor within the organization and become eligible for game assignments.

2.  Create an account with the required online scheduling software:

  • For On Ice Officials, you must create an account with Horizon WebRef

  • For Scorekeepers, you must create an account with Signup Genious

3.  Submitt your contact and payment information to the GHOA Treasurer:

In order to get paid for the games you work, you will need to provide all pertinent information to the GHOA treasurer.  This is the board member that generates and sends out all the payments for GHOA officials and scorekeepers.​

  • For On Ice Officials, completely fill out the information located in your "Personal Profile" section of Horizon WebRef

  • For Scorekeepers

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