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All Games will be assigned through Horizon Web Ref

Summer and Youth Hockey Scheduler: Mike McGarrah
Adult Hockey Scheduler: Mark Lachapelle
Last season's crest expires November 30th - NO EXCEPTIONS
You will NOT be given games if you do not have your new crest for the current season. Let the schedulers know when you receive your new crest.




We will continue to use the Horizon Web Ref online scheduling system!  Every GHOA member official will be required to have an account if you want to receive games.



This will allow us to consistently give you games throughout the long season.  Thank you 

Join Horizon Web Ref:


To Request an Account
  1. Once you receive your Crest, go to and select "New User Registration"

  2. Fill out the required user information. 
    Note: Parents and children CANNOT use the same email address to sign up. Each user must have a separate email address.

  3. Enter our association #205430

  4. An email will be sent to you from HorizonWebRef with directions and username/password when your account is approved by a GHOA administrator.


To set up Your NEW Account
  1. You will get an email from HorizonWebRef with a username and temporary password

  2. Use the link in the email to log in at

  3. New users will be required to enter a permanent password.  Note: DO NOT lose your password, as your GHOA administrator cannot reset it for you

To Access Your Existing Account
  1. Simply go to and sign in with your username and password. 

  2. Make sure to get the Horizon Web Ref mobile app on Apple and Android.


To Configure Your Account
  1. Go to your "Personal Profile" on the menu to the right and update all of the required information

    • Enter your phone # and email for contact purposes.

    • Date of birth is REQUIRED for game assignments.

    • Official's # and SSN is REQUIRED for payroll and tax purposes.

    • Emergency contact information is REQUIRED for everybody's safety.​​


    • By default your account is set up with NO available dates to take games.

    • You MUST change the days you can accept games to AVAILABLE or you will not show up in the schedulers list of officials who can work.

    • You can set your availability to Not Available, Available All Day, Available Before, Available After, Available Between and Not Between.

    • PLEASE make everything easier on our schedulers and be diligent with your calendar

  3. Set up your Blocked System settings (only if you want to)

    • You can block specific teams, game levels, and partners but it is NOT required

Features of Horizon Web Ref Scheduling Software:


"Members Home" page

This main page will display "Reminders" for any upcoming games you have in your schedule, games to accept and general messages on steps the system needs you to complete for you user profile.  You will also be able to see and read any messages from the GHOA administrators and schedulers on this page.  These messages will provide important information and requests to you as a member so please check back weekly.  There is also an area to post questions or comments within the public message format, but please DO NOT use this location to post inapropriate material or comments.


"Personal Game Schedule"

This is where you can view your game schedule.  You can use the "Schedule Search & Filter" option to view all or specific games assigned to you or games that you need to "Accept".  You will now be able to view the following information for each of your game assignments:

  • Date and game time

  • (League) and level of the game

  • Team names, if available

  • The game fee you will be paid for that game

  • Your assigned partner(s) and their information  (you can click on their name to bring up their contact information)

  • Additional game details and notes


"Availability Calendar"

You MUST set up​ your availability for any dates that you can accept games.  By default, you are set as NOT AVAILABLE for every date on the calendar.  If you do not change that, you will not be given any games.

Provide one of the given options for the dates in your calendar:

  • Not Available

  • Available All Day

  • Available After =

  • Available Before =

  • Available Between =

  • Not Available Between =

All of your accepted game assignments will show up on this calendar and you can export it to a personal icalendar such as google or outlook.


"Personal Profile"

This is where you input your contact information for scheduling and payment purposes so PLEASE fill everything out.  One of the nice features of this software we would strongly encourage you all to use is setting up game reminders sent to your phones by going to the "Text Messaging" setup, filling out the information for your phone #.  **NEVER MISS ANOTHER GAME AGAIN**


"Member Directory"

This is where you can go to look up the contact information for all of your fellow officials.


"Administrative Forms"
  • Change your username and/or password

  • Use the "Personal Payroll Report" to determine how much your next paycheck will be for games worked

  • Use "View My Ratings" to review your game ratings and evaluations

  • You can use the "Team Block List" to remove specific teams that you do not want to or can not take games for.  (i.e. if you play for a team in the adult league, this is where you would remove that team so the scheduler knows not to try to give it to you...)


If you have any questions regarding HorizonWebRef and your account features please feel free to contact us.
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