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Our Mission

The Gallatin Hockey Officials' Association (GHOA) is committed to positively contributing to safe, fun, and growing hockey programs through the education of USA Hockey-certified officials. To that commitment, the GHOA strives to be a positive force in safe and organized ice hockey.


About Us

The GHOA is committed been training and managing USA Hockey certified officials in the Gallatin Valley and Bozeman, MT area.  We are responsible for appointing officials to youth, adult amateur, adult competitive and collegiate levels.  We take pride in developing quality officials in order to provide our customers the highest level of service possible.


The GHOA is a non-profit organization governed by an elected Board of Directors as is appointed by the association membership.  The public portions of this website provide a comprehensive overview of GHOA's operations and additional information can be obtained by members only.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions about the GHOA or USA Hockey Officiating.


We are committed to providing you all the tools you may need to be a successful hockey official.  We are not interested in merely "filling" games because that is an injustice to you as an official, to the participants and most importantly the game of hockey itself.

GHOA Terms of Membership

In order to fulfill its corporate purpose, the Gallatin Hockey Officials' Association (GHOA) provides, through its membership, trained and certified officials for amateur youth and adult ice hockey games, recruits new officials, coordinates training seminars, schedules officials for games, evaluates officials and coordinates payments for its members.

Therefore, I (or I and my parent or guardian) agree when officiating games as a GHOA member, that I am not an employee, but an independent contractor and GHOA will not be responsible for withholding any state or federal taxes or social security, nor will GHOA provide any benefits or Workers' Compensation coverage to me. I also acknowledge that I am required to maintain my own necessary records and withholding.


I (or I and my parent or guardian) acknowledge that I have read the waiver on the USA Hockey Referee Application Form (at and agree that all of its provisions also apply between me and the Gallatin Hockey Officials' Association, its Board, Officers, and agents. GHOA does not provide General Liability or Bodily Injury insurance coverage to its members, although some coverage is provided by USA Hockey. Please see their literature for details.


Lastly, I agree as a requirement of my GHOA membership to familiarize myself with and to abide by the GHOA Policy Manual and the Officials' Code of Conduct, as laid forth on page xviii of USA Hockey's Official Rules and Casebook of Ice Hockey, and will represent GHOA and myself in a professional and positive manner.

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