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HHL Scorekeepers


In an effort to help the on-ice officials manage the HHL Adult League throughout the season, There will be a scorekeeper at every game. 

If you are interested in becoming a scorekeeper, please contact Merrick via email at 


Scorekeepers Details & Tasks

  • Games are 1 hr in length

    • You must be there 5-10 minutes before the scheduled game time.

    • Tardiness or repeated absence may result in termination and fines.

  • You will be considered “Off-ice Officials” so you must adhere to the appropriate codes of conduct for the position.

  • Manage the game clock

    • All HHL games are run-time

    • Stop the clock for time outs or on-ice crew timeouts

    • Stop the clock during stopages of play IF the score is tied or is a 1 goal differential with less than 2 minutes in the game.

  • Manage the score board

    • Put the goals up as directed by the on-ice crew

    • Put penalty times up on the board as directed by the on-ice crew

  • Keep a running tally of goals scored and assists by players

    • Max 3 goals to one player per game for D3, VHW and REC

    • Let the on-ice crew know if max is reached or over

  • Keep track of player penalties

    • Write down player #, period, time on clock and the penalty as given to you by the on-ice crew

    • For all adult leagues, any player receiving 3 penalties in a single game will be given an automatic game ejection.

    • Notify the on-ice crew when a player has been given a 3rd penalty

    • Learn the referee penalty signals

    • Fill out the scoresheets and return to on-ice crew


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