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Training Tools Developed by USAH


USA Hockey provides a vast amount of resources and tools that you can utilize to continually improve and become a better official.  The GHOA strongly encourages you to take advantage of all that the website offers at www.usahockey/


On this page, we will periodically feature video clips that help explain and clarify questions and topics brought up by our local membership.  These videos have been produced by the USA Hockey Officiating Program for their Clip of the Week resource as well as situational clips from USA Hockey's Officiating Development Program (ODP).

GHOA Support


The GHOA is dedicated to provide any and all possible resources to help you improve as an official.  If you have any questions or require any additional resources please contact us and we will help in any way that we can.


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"Icing" or "Spraying" the Goalie


"Spraying" the goalie can and should be penalized every time.  In the USA Hockey rule book it will be penalized under Rule 601 for any player who "taunts or incites the opponent".  If a player needlessly stops in front of the goalie who has covered the puck and sprays them, the only purpose of that action would be to incite the opponent.

Call it, because we all know what happens after...

Taunting the Opponent


This is a really good clip showing the very clear and boisterous taunting at the opponents bench by a player from the red team. This kind of conduct is absolutely uncalled for and must be penalized EVERY time.  Notice the excellent position of the linesman, preventing the player from getting too close to the opponents bench, which could have very easily caused an altercation.  The linesman also stays with the player and understand right away that the celebratory taunting warranted a penalty and took him to the box right away.

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